May 222015
Troll Hunt Game Review

I grew up thinking that Trolls were big, semi-intelligent, and could only be killed using fire. Yes, I was raised on D&D. My Norwegian relatives tell me that Trolls are, in fact, not necessarily evil, but are certainly not very helpful. Everyone seems to have their own point-of-view on Trolls, but one common thread binds them all. No matter where you are from, everyone agrees that Trolls are dangerous. In this game, you will face these monsters, but not directly.

May 202015
Rough: The Card Game Review

John Wayne said (and I absolutely love this quote) “Life is tough. but it’s tougher if your stupid.” Life has a way of being tough and rough with even the smartest of individuals, not just the dumb ones. We take our hits and sometimes we can easily jump up and other times we need a helping hand. In this game, you need to like it rough if you want to enjoy yourself.

May 152015
Inkognito Game Review

It’s Carnival time in Venice. The sights and sounds of jubilation hide the many secret dealings among its fanfare and color. Wearing masks and cloaks to blend in with the party goers, suspicious characters move about making plans to sabotage and usurp. But the chaotic nature of the celebration makes it difficult to gleam the truth. If you are to be successful, you must learn what you can without giving yourself away in the process.

May 122015
Just Desserts Game Review

Financial journalist and author B.C. Forbes said “Work is the meat of life, pleasure the dessert.” Dessert is often seen as the “reward” for finishing a meal and used as leverage by parents around the globe to motivate their children to eat their dinner. In this game, you will be tasked to serve desserts to a collection of finicky guests. The trick to satisfying each guest’s sweet tooth is in the cards.

May 112015
Sheriff of Nottingham Game Review

The story of the heroic outlaw, Robin Hood, tells of one man’s attempt to bring down tyranny and rescue those who are victims of it. While Robin Hood’s exploits and those of his band of followers are well-known, there is another tale that is seldom told. The merchants that seemingly went about their business everyday at the market were also waging their own war against the unjust laws set by the Sheriff. Now you can join the struggle and make some money in the process.

May 062015
Amber Route Game Review

Amber can be used in jewelry, perfumes, and medicines. No wonder merchants are willing to risk the open road and dark forests to bring their amber to the market. But the roads have become more dangerous as of late. Monsters and supernatural creatures can be found stalking travelers. Sighing, you start walking. No one ever said a merchant’s life was easy.