Dec 172014
Extraterrestrial Grail Game Review

The universe is about to end. For the many different alien races, the Grail is the one thing that promises life and safety. For some, the Grail is a spaceship. For others, it’s a new planet. You have been tasked to search the stars and find the Grail before others claim it. Risk everything and take no prisoners to save your species from certain annihilation.

Dec 162014
Kill the Overlord Game Review

Milton Friedman once said, “Hell hath no fury like a bureaucrat scorned.” This game epitomizes Mr. Friedman’s sentiment. One player is the Overlord, an individual with absolute power, and they have but one goal: take out the trash. In this case, the “trash” if everyone in their court, from the lowliest servant to the most seemingly loyal patron. The only way to survive the mass execution is to ensure someone else gets “the chop” before you. Politics can be a deadly business.

Dec 152014
Dungeonling: Battle Game Review

Owning a dungeon is not all that it’s cracked up to be. A lot of people don’t realize how much work it is to keep pesky adventurers out, the daily maintenance of traps, and the never-ending department meetings with minions. It’s enough to make a Dungeon Lord crazy and call it quits. Which would explain the high turnover in the business. Well, that and the fact that dungeons are dangerous places to work. Still, you go to “The Job” every morning and count the days until you retire. Meh. It’s a living.

Dec 102014
Dead Man's Draw Game Review

A pirate’s life is not exciting the majority of time. It’s mostly work and boredom. Long sea voyages with little to look at but the horizon and nothing to do but find creative ways to kill time. One such way is to risk everything you’ve earned in a game of chance. You could lose it all or gain even more than you thought possible. It all comes down to a single flip of a card…

Dec 092014
Pluto Attacks! Game Review

Staying up all night and watching the stars was meant to be an entertaining evening with your friends. Looking up at the perfectly clear night, everyone was delighted to see a shooting star streak across the sky. Delight quickly turned to horror as the “star” stopped in mid-flight and then landed in a nearby cornfield. Investigating, you and your friends discover that aliens have landed! Time to show your small town how great the high school seniors are and save humanity! But do it fast, as Prom is next weekend.

Dec 082014
Separation Anxiety Game Review

How we perceive the world around us is not the same as the person to the left or right of us. Life experience, mood, education, geographic location, and a hundred or more other aspects of what makes up the “human experience” merge to create the borders of our perception. In this game, you are asked to do two very simple things. First, identify three words. Second, determine which of the three words do not belong and why. Sound simple? It isn’t. Prepare to be separated from your comfort zone.

Dec 032014
Hold Your Breath! Game Review

To quote an old adage variant, “Stupid is as stupid does.” Which is to stay, stupid people do stupid things. Or in this case, pirates. Instead of swimming to land and finding safety after a horrible shipwreck, they decide to have an impromptu breath holding contest – in shark infested waters – with monsters. You want to root for the pirates, but at the same time you cheer on the hungry sharks.

Dec 012014
Pocket Adventures Card System (Set II) Review

I have many fond memories of being a Child Geek and playing Dungeons & Dragons with my friends. Our role-playing games were little more than kicking down doors, killing all that moved, and looting everything to buy bigger and better gear. We loved it. But that was when I was a kid and had all the time in the world. As an adult, I am constantly scrambling to make time, find time, or be on time. But I still miss my days of exploring dungeons and beating up the bad guys. That’s why I’m so pleased to have found the Pocket Adventures Card System and a pocket to put it in.