Jul 282016
Deadfall Game Review

To obtain power, one must take risks. There are others who seek the same prize as you and are just as willing to risk it all. This makes the prize all the more precious and dangerous. To the victor will go all the spoils. For those who are defeated, a shallow grave is their only reward, but such is the fate of all who reach too far and fall.

Jul 262016
Gnosis Conflict Game Review (prepublished version)

When the aliens came, none could stand against them. We fought back, and for a time, it seemed like all was lost. Then, one day, they left. All that remained was a broken planet and too few of the human race. But from the ashes, new factions arose. The land might be burning, but so were the hearts of those who wanted to survive and survival meant controlling that which almost killed us all.

Jul 222016
Bad Karma Game Review

The actions we take either further our own goals or the goals of others. Some believe the more we give, the more we will receive in this world and the next. Karma is like a celestial accountant, keeping track of all that we do and writing little tick marks in various columns. In this game, you are doing all you can to cook the celestial accounting books to balance in your favor.

Jul 222016
Fish Frenzy Game Review

For the men and women who have spent their lives, if not generations, fishing the waters of our oceans, nothing is worse than a freeloader. The seagulls will bother a fishing boat like a fly bothers an elephant’s ear. Constantly circling and attempting to grab a fish, seagulls are disliked as much as a stormy sea. But little do the fishermen know how good they have it, as a seagull’s life is hardly easy.

Jul 222016
Plums Game Review

Greek mathematician, Euclid, said “The laws of nature are but the mathematical thoughts of God.” The symmetry of a halved apple suggests a working equation. What we see in nature might be the physical representation of math or the cradle of mathematics as we know it. In this game, math and nature are combined to create a competitive card game where mixing and matching fruit equals big points.

Jul 192016
Backyard Builders Treehouse

If you are going to build a treehouse, you need to build it right. This means adding a rope ladder, a lookout post, a marshmallow sentry gun, a juice bar, and various other “necessities”. In this game, each player will be tasked to create a treehouse of their dreams, but each must meet certain construction standards. Careful how you build, as decisions have long-lasting impacts.

Jul 182016
Merchants of Freeburg Game Review

Principal author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, said “Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains.” In this game, the players have no loyalty to the little town of Freeburg, but their fates and fortunes are entwined. To be profitable, one must give.

Jul 142016
Fisticuffs! Game Review

There once was a time where gentlemen fought bravely with clenched fists and menacing bravado. Men were manly and mustaches were large. Go back in time and enter the ring as a pugilistic warrior, making a name for yourself and your fists of furry. But be warned. Once a brawls starts, it takes on a life of its own. Prepare yourself and put up your dukes!

Jul 112016
Builders of Blankenburg Game Review

To build something that lasts longer than our own life is a dream that many aspire to. Be it music, art, or a company. You are no different than the rest. You see the little town of Blankenburg as a means to an end. Here you will build and make a name for yourself that will last through the ages!

Jul 102016
Fart Juice Game Review (prepublished version)

When gas escapes via the exit found on one’s posterior, many refer to it as a “fart”. This escape of bodily gas can be very large in volume and have a strong odoriferous characteristic. In most civilized societies, one excuses themselves or apologizes for “breaking wind”. Kids, on the other hand, find it terribly funny and fart as loudly as possible. This is why I avoid Chuck E. Cheese’s.