Apr 202015
The Offbits Product Review

Henri Bergson said, “There is no greater joy than that of feeling oneself a creator. The triumph of life is expressed by creation.” Be it paintings, sculptures, music, movies, or dance, we create something not from nothing, but from pieces of ourselves. Feelings, fears, and hopes can all be blended and presented for others to perceive and ponder. Using The Offbits, the individual is asked to do one simple thing: create. But creation is more than just rearranging bits. It’s also an act of self-exploration.

Apr 172015
Spy Guys Game Review

The infamous Edward Snowden said, “I’ve been a spy for almost all of my adult life – I don’t like being in the spotlight.” Which is to say, spies don’t like to be recognized or be watched. In this game, players will need to discover secrets and keep information hidden as best they can. The winner is the first to accomplish their mission, which will require memory skills and a penchant for hindering opponents. The trick is to stay underneath your opponents’ radar while remaining visible to all.

Apr 152015
Barnyard Legions Game Review (prepublished version)

Publius Cornelius Tacitus said, “Deos fortioribus adesse.” Which means, in English, “The gods are on the side of the stronger.” In this game, victory will most assuredly go to the stronger army, but strategy and tactics are the true weapons of war. Lead your army across the battleground to claim the Barnyard! Defeat is not an option.

Apr 142015
Skulldug! Game Review (prepublished version)

Fictional character Indiana Jones taught me two things: history is cool and there is no problem in this world that a bullwhip can’t solve. Also, satchels (or man-purses) are cool. In the real world, archaeology is not about running around, fighting evil forces, and recovering cursed artifacts. Boring. Luckily, this game is.

Apr 132015
Evolution (Second Edition) Game Review

Carl Sagan said, “Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.” Meaning all forms of life are destined to blink into existence and then just as quickly blink into oblivion. Rather dire thinking, really, but not necessarily incorrect. Survival is the fight against extinction, the daily battle to continue and thrive. In this game, you will help new species of animals grow and become strong by taking from the weak. But balance is all important, for without balance, even the strong will fall.

Apr 092015
Babylon Gardens Game Review

The Gardens of Babylon are considered to be one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. They are also believed, by some scholars and historians, to be a myth. Regardless, the garden’s location and existence brings to mind exotic plants, intoxicating smells from vibrant flowers, and cool shade among babbling water fountains. In this game, you will be tasked to tend to these gardens and gather the flowers, but do so wisely. A flower picked is a flower earned, but not all flowers are created equal.

Mar 272015
Livestock Uprising Game Review

When the Pigs invaded the Chicken’s coop, it was just the beginning. Soon the Goats were involved, followed by the Cows. The farm was at total war with itself and every animal was forced to pick a side. The generals of each army believed victory was as good as theirs, but only if they could control the fields. This farm has gone to the animals and these animals have artillery.

Mar 262015
Safebreaker Game Review

It was the perfect plan. Each of you learned one part of the combination to the safe so as not to arouse suspicion. Your plan worked and between all the members in your gang of thieves, you have the means to open the safe. But there’s a problem. None of you want to share what’s inside. If you were to learn what your partners know, you could open the safe yourself and keep it all!