Sep 032015
Fluxx Dice Game Expansion Review

American author Barry Ritholtz said, “You can blow on the dice all you want, but whether they come up ‘seven’ is still a function of random luck.” Random and continues change are the trademarks of the Fluxx card games. This expansion introduces more randomness to your randomness, enticing players to push their luck even further.

Sep 022015
Dozen Doubloons Game Review

When it comes to boarding a ship and taking its plunder, every pirate knows their job. The captain commands and the crew obeys. When the stolen booty is aboard and the ship is safely at sea, the real danger begins. Pirates love their treasure and will do anything to keep it. Rather than have his crew fight among themselves, the captain has his men divide the loot by playing cards. Pull up a chair and come claim your share!

Sep 012015
GemPacked Cards Game Review (prepublished version)

Color can lighten up a room, darken a hallway, communicate feelings, and cause us to pause almost indefinitely when attempting to match the perfect tie with a shirt. Colors can even dictate action, with red telling us to stop, green telling us to go, and yellow urging us to go faster. In this game, mixing colors will allow the player to gain the upper hand, but they can also benefit from breaking colors down to smaller parts for a bigger win.

Aug 312015
The Great Dinosaur Rush Game Review (prepublished version)

The Bone Wars (1877 to 1892), also known as “The Great Dinosaur Rush”, was an intense period of scientific prehistoric discovery and bitter rivalry between Othniel Charles Marsh and Edward Drinker Cope. In addition to digging up many bones, many were also destroyed. Theft and bribery were common. Time to join the rush!

Aug 282015
Yardmaster Express Game Review

Anyone who has worked on the railroad will tell you that it’s not how long your train is, but what you are hauling that counts. In this game, players will be making a train of the same length, but it’s how the railcars are coupled that will make the difference. The player who can build a train on the line that has the most of a common good will become the master of the rails!

Aug 272015
Te Kuiti Game Review

Te Kuiti, New Zealand is the self-proclaimed “Sheep Shearing Capital of the World”. With more sheep than people, it takes a lot of energy to make sure animals stay where they should. Miles and miles of fences stretch to keep the sheep safe and secure. Sheep, however, are not big on fences…

Aug 262015
Less Game Review (prepublished version)

The decisions we make in our lives are always based on immediate or future concerns. Should I turn left or right to get to the store? Should I save 25% of my paycheck for retirement or only 20%? Life is full of forks in the road. In this game, players must constantly make decisions on how best to move forward, while at the same time deciding their next 2 to 10 moves in the future.