Aug 282015
Yardmaster Express Game Review

Anyone who has worked on the railroad will tell you that it’s not how long your train is, but what you are hauling that counts. In this game, players will be making a train of the same length, but it’s how the railcars are coupled that will make the difference. The player who can build a train on the line that has the most of a common good will become the master of the rails!

Aug 272015
Te Kuiti Game Review

Te Kuiti, New Zealand is the self-proclaimed “Sheep Shearing Capital of the World”. With more sheep than people, it takes a lot of energy to make sure animals stay where they should. Miles and miles of fences stretch to keep the sheep safe and secure. Sheep, however, are not big on fences…

Aug 262015
Less Game Review (prepublished version)

The decisions we make in our lives are always based on immediate or future concerns. Should I turn left or right to get to the store? Should I save 25% of my paycheck for retirement or only 20%? Life is full of forks in the road. In this game, players must constantly make decisions on how best to move forward, while at the same time deciding their next 2 to 10 moves in the future.

Aug 252015
Archon: Glory and Machination Game Review

The great city of Cardis is the home of the kingdom’s trade and culture. It’s for this reason the King has appointed several archons to govern and protect the city so it might flourish and benefit the realm. But an archon cannot rule a city alone. They must get help from influential Magisters and earn the trust of the people. Easier said than done.

Aug 212015
Adventure Time Fluxx Game Review

The Land of Ooo is full of magic and wonder. Danger and adventure await any brave or foolish enough to leave the comforts of their couch to go exploring. Two such adventures are Finn the Human and Jake the Dog. These two heroes travel the land, save princesses, and quest for treasure. Their legend grows by the day and now you get to be a part of their story.

Aug 202015
Yardmaster Game Review

Who among us has not seen a train roaring down the rails or heard the lonesome whistle of the engine calling at night? Trains are everywhere, but we seldom take the time to consider how they prepare for their trip. In this game, players will be working to load their trains with valuable cargo. Until the engines roll away, all efforts will result in zero profit.

Aug 142015
WitchHunt Game Review (prepublished version)

In a small village where everyone knows each other and their business, social harmony is always at risk. All it takes is a small spark to ignite a raging fire of discord and distrust. In this village, where you have dwelt all your life, evil is taking root. Witches have moved in and now work to unravel the social fabric of your home. You must find them before they find you.

Aug 072015
Batman Fluxx Game Review

The city of Gotham has become a cesspool of crime and villainy. The police are helpless to stop the onslaught, despite the backing of politicians and the general populace. All looks helpless in the light of day, but in the darkness of night, Gotham’s savior emerges. Part detective, part vigilante, Batman now hunts the hunters, bringing them to justice one Bat Punch at a time.