Oct 312014
Amalgimal Zoo Game Review

In order to have a successful zoo, you need to have an attraction everyone wants to see. The problem is, everyone has already seen lions, tigers, and bears. These animals just aren’t drawing the crowds you want, so you turn to science to solve your problems. By splicing the DNA of different animals, you have brought forth creatures that no one has ever seen before! But rivals have been watching and are now doing the same thing for their zoos! It’s a race to see who can create a zoo full of the oddest animals!

Oct 282014
Forged in Steel Game Review (prepublished version)

When you arrived at Pueblo County, Colorado, there wasn’t much to look at. A few buildings, a budding factory, and a lot of space. But you saw its potential and the vast fortune that could be made. This town, you decided, was going to be your family legacy. From that day forward you worked to build an empire. Your children have done the same and their children will continue your legacy. History will look back and determine if you were a person of vision or just another dreamer.

Oct 272014
Mill City Game Review (prepublished version)

From the banks of the Mississippi river, Saint Anthony Falls looks to be an endless wall of powerful water. Many see the falls as nothing more than a natural wonder to gaze upon and enjoy. You, however, see it as an untapped opportunity. Outside the Twin Cities, the prairie is full of wheat fields. Within the Twin Cities, mills are located by the river, tapping its strength, to grind the wheat to flour. All that is missing is a person to get the flour to buyers. You are that person and you plan to make this little venture very profitable.

Oct 212014
Dragonflame Game Review (prepublished version)

You have finally come of age. Your wings are strong, your dragon flame burns like the sun, and your teeth are as sharp as a thousand swords. Now you must make a name for yourself and spread fear and panic across the realm. There are castles to attack, knights to eat, treasure to hoard, and maidens to collect. The only problem is that there are other dragons with the same idea and there are only so many maidens to be had.

Oct 202014
Conquest of Orion Game Review

Mankind can finally travel to distant stars. It was the hope of many that this would be the dawning of a new age of enlightenment and peace. But this dream was not meant to be. War and greed have followed mankind on their journey into the heavens and now distant galaxies are the new battleground. To protect your way of life and further your ambitions, you and a fellow comrade lead your people into war.

Oct 172014
Sushi Go! Game Review

Sushi has been referred to as “art” and “dead uncooked fish on rice”. It’s both, if the truth be told. Some visibly turn green when asked if they would like a bite and others just cannot eat enough. Regardless of which extreme you tend to lean towards, sushi is best in moderation. Pick your pieces with thoughtful consideration and take the time to enjoy each bite. Then, devour the pudding!

Oct 162014
Holiday Fluxx Game Review

‘Tis the season to gather with friends and family to celebrate. Halloween is a time of spooky fun. Thanksgiving is for giving thanks and eating ourselves stupid. Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa are full of festivities, reflection, and gifts. When people gather, games are played and what better way to enjoy each others company than a card game or two? Or, better yet, a card game about the holidays and all that makes them grand, including the chaos.

Oct 162014
Legends and Lies: The Skeptic Game Expansion Review

When so-called “experts” present something as fact, most people blindly believe what they are told. But not you. You have always been skeptical of anyone who tells you to believe anything with little evidence to back up their claims. Some say that being too big a skeptic could lead to unhealthy suspicion and paranoia, but that’s crazy talk. It’s always better to be on guard. You’ll be damned if the giant alien hedgehogs from Beta Alpha Prime take over the world on your watch!