Sep 222014
Hoard 'n' Plunder Game Review

Finding the treasure was the easy part. Keeping it is going to be a challenge! You are a greedy pirated surrounded by other greedy pirates and you all have one things on your mind: GOLD! You’ll have to be smart and sneaky if you want to claim your share of the booty! Take what you can! Give nothing back!

Sep 182014
Arcova: Aftermath Game Review

The land knew nothing but peace under the wise and benevolent rule of King Baelon Rhakal. But all kings must die, and so it was with Rhakal. The throne stood empty and the land mourned. The heirs to the throne fought among themselves for succession and the land began to suffer. Wars, famine, and death soon followed. Now all is in ruin and the mighty kingdom has fallen into dust. You have arisen from this destruction to rebuild the kingdom in your image. Gather your forces and heal the land.

Sep 152014
Munchkin Treasure Hunt Game Review

The lure of fame and fortune draws many would-be heroes into the dungeon. There, in the darkness, lies adventure and great danger. Gold is what many seek, but the monsters who guard it will fight any who attempt to take it. Armed with tenacity, wit, and the belief that the ever-fickle die will roll your way, you plunge headfirst into the darkness of the dungeon. There you will find your destiny or the business end of a dragon.

Sep 122014
Mage Wars: Forged in Fire Game Expansion Review

Far beyond the forests and plains lies the great mountains. Their peaks reach ever-upward and disappear into the heavens. Below them lies the great Kingdom of the Dwarves who have toiled for centuries to perfect the art of metallurgy. Their craft and artistry is legend and their skill is unmatched. They have even mastered the ability to forge the very fabric of magic with fire and hammer. This has drawn the eye of the Lord of Fire who covets all things born of flame. The Lord of Fire has sent his most powerful warlock to take from the dwarves their secrets and skills, but such a thing is not easily done.

Sep 102014
7-Card Slugfest Game Review

No one really remembers how the fight began. A few witnesses remember there being a loud laugh and then some angry words, but that’s about it. The next thing everyone remembers is chairs being thrown, bottles breaking, and tables being turned over. It was, by all accounts, the biggest bar brawl in the town’s history. The bar is a mess, the barkeeper is unconscious, and none of the bar brawlers have much to say other than, “That was a great fight.”

Sep 052014
Tattletale! Game Review

The playground is not the happy place you think it is. Slides are owned, swings are fought over, and don’t even think about jumping on the monkey bars without permission. Adults only see kids playing and running. What they fail to understand is that behind every child’s smile, laugh, and skip lurks an agenda. The playground is a war zone and the kids who play in it are the soldiers. Time for you to get into the fight!

Sep 022014
Crazier Eights Game Review

The heavenly bodies move like gears in a giant cosmic clock. From this, time is created, flows, and ends. We are swept up by the current of creation and destruction, the beginning and the end. Fate shuffles the deck and deals you a hand that determines what role you will play in this endless procession of moments. The only question is, do you accept what Fate has dealt you?

Sep 012014
In Review: Father Geek’s Monthly Newsletter (September 2014)

This month we have games about playground shenanigans, new twists on old classics, time travel, fantasy battles, illegal liquor running, Norse Gods, fiery mages, alien politicians, bar fights, football, and a mystery game I cannot speak about until such time I have been given explicit instructions to do so by a small army of lawyers dressed in ninja outfits. I’m joking, of course. The lawyers wear suits.

 Posted by on September 1, 2014