Aug 292014
Havok & Hijinks Game Review

Fact: Young dragons know everything. As a young dragon, you know that all dragons (regardless of age) need a treasure hoard and treasure can be found by burning villages, looting adventurers, and stealing from other dragons. So, that’s what you plan to do this afternoon instead of playing Knights & Maidens. It upsets you that the older dragons just roll their eyes when you tell them your plan, but you don’t worry about it too much. There’s treasure to be won and ancient dragons are soooo boring.

Aug 262014
Quicksilver Game Review

To worldly explorers, ocean liners are a well-known method of travel. To those who keep abreast of current trends, ocean-bound ships are passé. The new craze is airships and they are simply wonderful. So wonderful, in fact, that many of the upper class (and a few undesirables) have purchased airships of their own and now race them for Queen, Country, and bragging rights. You have joined such a race and now look to make a name for yourself.

Aug 242014
Oddball Aeronauts Game Review

The skies above the kingdom remains a realm without limits. It’s the last place where freedom can be obtained by anyone regardless of race, rank, or title. It’s also a lawless place where the strong feed on the week. It’s here you find yourself, in the clouds, soaring on a giant airship. Your crew await your orders as another airship comes into view. Do you ready the guns, prepare to board, or maneuver to ram? What are your orders, captain?

Aug 192014
Council of Verona: The Poison Expansion Game Review

Long have the heads of family yelled and threatened each other over the council table. All for not. The bitter rivalry between the Capulets and Montagues runs too deep to be easily fixed by words. Diplomacy has failed and poison is being used to permanently silence the opposition. Exile, it would seem, is now desirable since the alternative is an early grave.

Aug 152014
Council of Verona Game Review

The feud between the Capulets and Montagues has now spilled into the streets and blood has been shed. While the feuding families are both powerful and influential, Prince Escalus cannot allow their civil conflict to disrupt the peace of his realm. He calls a council to end the feud once and for all, but there is a snag. The council is made up almost entirely of Capulets and Montagues! Instead of swords in the streets, the battle is now being fought across the council table with words and political intrigue. The new weapon is influence. Wield it wisely!

Aug 132014
Mars Attacks: The Dice Game Review

We have looked up at the stars for generations wondering what awaited us in the vacuum of space. We have sent satellites and radio signals into the blackness in hopes that someone would respond. When someone did, we were overjoyed and our leaders made plans. We now stand ready to embark on a great adventure! Our mission is clear: Conquer Earth!

Aug 112014
Warband: Against the Darkness Game Review (prepublished version)

Darkness crept into the land unseen. At first there were rumors, stories, and hearsay that would suggest that something wasn’t right on the frontier, but none listened. The great races of the Five Realms were at odds with each other and only looked to their own concerns and borders. When the Darkness appeared on the horizon, the great races set aside their differences and banded together to fight their common enemy. Victory is within reach, but only one race can be the true hero of this war.

Aug 082014
Barbecue Game Review

Grilling is an art form. One must prepare the meat, the grill, and oneself before lighting the fire and grabbing the grill tongs. Ever since the day Neanderthals figured out that meat tasted better when dropped in the fire, humanity has gathered around open flame to watch grease pop, meat sizzle, and vegetables roast. The grill has become something of a social oasis that we gather around, share ideas, and breath in the smells of the meal that is being prepared. It’s also stressful as hell. Cook your meat wrong and you’re going to be ordering pizza. In this game, you have to step up to the grill and face the heat or get burned.