Safebreaker Game Review

It was the perfect plan. Each of you learned one part of the combination to the safe so as not to arouse suspicion. Your plan worked and between all the members in your gang of thieves, you have the means to open the safe. But there’s a problem. None of you want to share what’s inside. If you were to learn what your partners know, you could open the safe yourself and keep it all! Continue reading

Pet Detectives Game Review

An alarming number of pets have gone missing in town. Their owners are desperate to find their missing companions and are offering big cash rewards to whomever finds them. Not being one to dismiss a lucrative opportunity, you quickly get to work investigating! Not surprising, a number of other people have joined the hunt and want the money just as badly as you. The most observant detective will win, so keep your ears sharp and listen for clues! Continue reading

Four Tribes Game Review

It’s a time of war, famine, and death. You have fought hard, but to no avail. Victory remains elusive, but there is hope. If you could win the favor of the village elders who control key routes along a river used for trade, you could control the flow of goods and resources used by your foes. Turning your army to the north, you make haste to the river. Your spies have informed you that your enemy plans the same tactics and only one can win. Continue reading

Thorn and Rose Game Review

The old woods around your village were once peaceful, considered by many to be very beautiful. Now it’s a dark and twisted place, reflecting the evil that occupies its center. Sickness runs rampant in your village and you’re determined to save your friends and family. It’s rumored that the Blood Rose, a flower with curative powers, can be found in the woods. With torch in hand and a steadfast heart, you enter into the thorns and briers in search of hope. Continue reading

Argh! Game Review

The nondescript island is barely a scratch on your nautical maps. If one were to glance quickly, many would mistake the mark as nothing more than a small stain. But you know better. The little island has no name, but it’s known by a select few as “Plunder Island”. There, buried in the white sand, are riches beyond imagine. You have gathered the wealth with the help of others, but now it’s time to claim the riches for your own! Continue reading

Scrapland Scramble Game Review

The airship marked a turning point in society. Now the skies were open to exploration, commerce, and illegal activity. The clouds became hiding places for Speakeasies, black market dealers, and much more unsavory activities. As a result, the Sky Patrol was created to help keep the peace. In an attempt to avoid being arrested during a recent “job”, you have accidentally wrecked your airship along with a few unlucky others. Fix your airship as quickly as possible to avoid certain incarceration! Continue reading