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Tom from North Carolina writes…

My kids joke with me constantly about being a geek. Particularly my 17-year-old daughter, in a fun-loving way. She thinks it is so weird that I drive 45 minutes every Tuesday to play games with my game group.

So I had a few of the group over a couple of weeks ago for a game day – Gameathonapocaloozafestacon. It was a true blast. Ten gamers and 13 hours of gaming. Daughter got home from work in the evening and sat down while eating supper to watch the geeks.

Low and behold, she joined a Settlers of Catan game we were starting. Then she won. First time ever seeing the game. Then she said set it up let’s play again! I was so proud. Now she is looking forward to the next game day and we share a stronger bond through gaming.

What a fantastic story, Tom. Thank you so much for sharing. It’s stories like this that make me all the more happy that Father Geek was created.

For me, as a parent, sharing my hobbies, my ideals, my dreams, and my thoughts with my Little Geeks is one of the biggest perks of being a parent. It’s also an incredibly responsibility. We hold just about every aspect of what makes up our children in our hands. That can be a heavy burden. We have the ability to mold them, to a certain degree, into what we envision to be “the best” and hope and pray it sticks…and we are doing it right.

Sharing our lives and ideals through our hobbies and making a genuine emotional connection with our Little Geeks is a wonderful experience, and one that I have a very hard time describing to folks who do not have children. It is something you simply have to experience for yourself and can never be fully understood until you are responsible for a young life. And when it does happen? Magic. Kind of like all the good things in life wrapped up tight and delivered in a single instant. BANG! Like I said, hard to describe.

“I get it, Tom”, and I offer you a virtual high-five. A very proud “Father Geek” moment, indeed! ELATION!

The best of luck to you and your daughter. May all your games be great ones and your memories happy.

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