Gold Digger Game Review

Digging for gold continues to be a full-time profession for some who wake up everyday believing they are going to strike it rich. There is “gold in dem dar hills” to be sure, but where to dig? A team of gold hunters will shovel a lot of dirt before they find anything of value, let alone gold. Still, the work and risk is worth it because when they find what they are looking for, all their money troubles disappear forever. Continue reading

Wild Guns (Version 2) Game Review

Bat Masterson said, “Never run a bluff with a six-gun.” Life is too precious a thing to use like so many chips in a Poker game. But when the stakes are high, the reward sometimes outweighs the risk. In this game, you will either survive and claim the prize or be just one more Gunslinger dead in the dust. Speed does matter, but you need to be smart, too. Out-think your opponents as well as outdraw them. In the blink of an eye, you could be victorious or dead. Continue reading

Rock Paper Scissors BANG! Game Review

The simple hand game Rock Paper Scissors has long dominated playgrounds, playing fields, and basketball courts. It’s a fast way to quickly determine a winner if a mutually agreed upon approach cannot be determined. For example, who gets the last piece of pie, who gets to kickoff, and who will pick up the bill. It’s also a game that requires its players to think ahead, read their opponent, and predict what they should do next based on what they know or think they know. In this game, the same applies, but the approach is very different. Continue reading

LightSpeed Game Review

In the blink of an eye, your world could change. Nothing is for certain. We plan and we scheme, but all it takes is one unknown to throw everything off. But the human mind quickly adapts. New challenges result in new solutions. We overcome obstacles and persevere when everything to the contrary suggests that failure is the only possible outcome. In this game, every choice could lead to disaster or a brilliant opportunity, but victory is never certain. Continue reading

Wizard Dodgeball Game Review

Once a year, wizards and witches gather to witness one of the most popular sports found in multiple interplanar dimensions. Throughout the season, Wizard Dodgeball teams have been competing in the rankings. At the end of the year, the top 2 teams face each other. While the game is non-lethal, it’s nonetheless intense. Fireballs and rubber balls fly from one end of the field to the other constantly. Grab your wand and lace up your sneakers! It’s game time! Continue reading

Wordner Game Review

Have you ever tried to finish another person’s sentence for them? For example, I might say, “Boy, am I hungry! Let’s go get some-” and then you interrupt by blurting out, “FISH TACOS!” In this example, you’d be correct. I love me some fish tacos, but most of the time the phrasing that is forcefully injected into another person’s incomplete thought is seldom accurate. This often has hilarious consequences for all within earshot. Continue reading

The Card Game of Oz Game Review (prepublished version)

Oz is not a happy fairy tale. Politics and intrigue are rampant as power struggles between opposing forces divides the land and its people. It is here that a young girl from Kansas first enters the story as a hapless traveler and later becomes Oz’s greatest hero. Lifted right from the pages of L. Frank Baum’s Oz books, the history of the land and its strange inhabitants are presented to the players to explore and rewrite as they see fit. Continue reading

Influence Game Review (prepublished version)

The art of diplomacy and intrigue is only mastered by those who are truly devoted to the craft. Subtle is the brush that gently paints hints and suggestions into the minds of influential leaders. If done correctly, a single masterful stroke is worth a thousand soldiers and a well-timed flourish of words can bring down castle walls. It is a dangerous game full of lies and treachery, but the rewards are nothing short of the Keys to the Kingdom and worth the risk! Continue reading

Blaster Waves Game Review

Congratulations, soldier. You’ve been hand selected to be the pilot of the most advanced space fighter humankind has ever constructed. But before the Government throws you the keys and pats you on the back, the “Powers That Be” want to see you in action. A training simulator has been programmed to test your skill, will, and grit. Survive it and we’ll know we picked the right pilot to defend Earth! Continue reading

Paper Route Game Review

Some see it as a rite of passage. Others see it as a whole lot of work for not much pay. Regardless of the position you take, the job of a paperboy or girl is a big first step into the adult world of responsibility. You have to wake-up early, collect the papers, organize them, roll them, and then stuff them in your bag. Then it’s time to hit the streets riding your BMX as Van Halen screams from your headphones attached to your Sony Walkman! I miss my childhood… Continue reading

ZombieZone Game Review

The Zombie Invasion caught everyone by surprise. Despite the movies, the t-shirt slogans, and books that detailed how the zombies would attack and how to defend yourself, the population of the world shifted from alive and bored to undead and stiff. Once the initial shock wore off and the human race organized itself to fight and contain the zombie outbreak, life more or less returned to normal. Oh, sure, there were some changes. For example, EVERYONE now carried a handgun, graveyards had watchtowers, and the most popular TV show in history pitted willing living participants against mindless undead in a battle royal. In fact, you just signed a contract to be part of the next season, alive or undead. Good luck! Continue reading

Decktet Game System Review

Imagine a world where vast kingdoms are ruled not by men, but by beasts. Magic and mystery float through the air like clouds, and sword and shield protect the innocent. An endless world full of adventure and exploration. This is the background for a deck of cards known as the Decktet. The cards it contains mean many things and can tell the future as well as the past, wage wars and create peace, create sunny days at the market or deadly storms at sea. All things are possible through this one deck. Continue reading