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The following categories can be used to quickly find a review of a certain type of game or product. Interested in the popularity trending of the products reviewed by Father Geek? Check this out.


The endorsements are used to suggest for whom a game or a product would be most enjoyed by. The three groups we play our games with are highly divers when it comes to game playing skills, ages, and personal tastes.

  • Child Geek Approved
    The majority of our younger players, from ages 2 to 18-years-old, found the game or product to be of great value and voted to approve it.
  • Parent Geek Approved
    The majority of our older players, who have children and who are a mix of casual gamers and non-gamers, found the game or product to be of great value and voted to approve it.
  • Gamer Geek Approved
    The majority of our gaming elitists, with many hours of gaming under their collective belts, found the game or product to be of great value and voted to approve it.
  • Father Geek Approved
    This is a special endorsement. The Father Geek Seal of Approval is the highest ranking available to any game or product we review. It meets the requirements and approval of all three testing groups: Child, Parent, and Gamer Geeks (where applicable). These are true gems and are worth taking a look at, in our opinion.

Game Categories

For the most part, we do our best to match the categories of our review to Board Game Geek, which is considered by many to be the single greatest source of all gaming information. Yours truly included.

Miscellaneous Categories

Our interests go beyond the gaming table. A life full of diverse interest is a rich life, indeed.

  • Toys
    This category covers toys, action figures, and anything else our players might “play with” that are not consider games in the traditional sense.
  • Literature
    This category covers comics, books, magazines, and other literature.
  • Video Games
    This category covers video games, but not necessarily board, card, and dice games that have an electronic
  • Music
    This category covers music, usually on CDs, or any product that involves music. We love our tunes.

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