The Manhattan Project: Chain Reaction (prepublished version)

Your nation’s greatest fear has been realized. Reports have come in that suggest neighboring countries are making weapons capable of total destruction. Without losing another moment, the highest powers in the land charge the workforce to make weapons. Mining operations and factories appear overnight, scientists refine formulas, and the labor force marches to the beat of war. Continue reading

Leathernecks ’43 Game Review

After several days of bombardment from nearby U.S. naval battleships, the 2nd Division of the United States Marine Corps made their way to the small island of Tarawa. The objective was simple: take the island, but Tarawa was heavily fortified by the Japanese forces that occupied it with 500 pillboxes and many machine gun nests. The Top Brass knew the assault was risky and dangerous. They were right. During the 76 hours of combat, nearly 6,000 Japanese and Americans died. Continue reading