Arena Gladiators Game Review

You are the owner and trainer of gladiators. You have fought in the arena yourself, killed and survived. You were awarded your freedom and your future. Now you spend your days training the next generation of gladiators to fight ruthlessly and die bravely. The sun has risen and the arena is filling with spectators eager to watch life and death play out before them. Today men will die and legends will be born. Continue reading

Ruckus: The Goblin Army Game Review (prepublished version)

To be a goblin means two things. First, you’re blessed with the inability to truly understand or appreciate danger. Some would consider this a fault, but goblins consider themselves to be very brave. Second, goblins have wonderful kings who tell them what to do. For example, charge a dragon. Having such wise leaders means goblins don’t have to think much, which is good, because thinking hurts. Get ready to lead your goblins to victory and certain chaos. Continue reading