Giveaway Hosting

Father Geek will happily provide hosting space and visibility for your game or project by moderating a fair and open contest.

Why Host Giveaways with Father Geek?

  • Full page describing the giveaway contest, rules, and description of prizes
  • Links to supporting content (for example, Kickstarter campaigns or product pages)
  • Unique URL for the contest page
  • Front page and site-wide visibility
  • Moderation of giveaway contest
  • Verification of entries
  • Random and unbiased selection of winners
  • Social networking announcements and support throughout the contest duration

Fee for Services

If Father Geek is provided the published game or product to be given away, there are no fees for hosting a giveaway contest.

A small fee of $50 is required to host contests for Kickstarter games or if a game or product is not provided. Depending on the current percentage of required funding, we can negotiate the price from $50 to zero. This is the preferred approach when it is clear the game or product will meet its funding goals.

Information Required to Start the Giveaway

  • A description of the product or game to be given away
  • The number of prizes to be offered
  • The duration of the giveaway
  • Geographical restrictions (United States only, Europe only, United States and Canada only, and no restrictions for example)
  • Mandatory entry requirements
  • Optional entry requirements

The End of the Contest

  • Winners are selected at random and their entries verified to ensure they completed all mandatory requirements
  • Winners contacted and requested to send a mailing address within 48 hours of the email being sent
  • Address of winners sent to the prize provider for shipping
  • Winners are announced on Father Geek and across social networks

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