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The Great Fire of London 1666 Game Review

…when the card is drawn (will be face-up on the deck for all to see), the fire intensifies! Three additional Fire cones are added to any district (excluding Pudding Lane, which is a total lost cause) with a non-contained Fire cone, as long as the total number of Fire cones… Continue reading

Dragon’s Bard Game Review (prepublished version)

…you consider the core game mechanism of the card play is basic trumps. The final vote from them and all the child geeks we played the game with was exceedingly positive and enthusiastic. Parent Geeks were the same, and I have never seen non-gamers get so excited about a game… Continue reading

Battle for Supremacy: Heroes vs. Villains Game Review

non-super character that decides to join the battle. Determining how best to use the super power is never stated in the rules, giving the players the ability and the responsibility to use it when they think it is right. The non-super characters really shake things up, suddenly throwing into the… Continue reading

Archon: Glory and Machination Game Review

…Color me not surprised. The First Player has unlimited options, which can be very intimidating The Parent Geeks had a lot of the same problems as the Child Geeks. This group is primarily comprised of casual gamers and non-gamers, with a small but growing number of veteran gamers. For those… Continue reading

Sheriff of Nottingham Game Review

…what was expected of them. The non-gamers did not. The non-gamers were the most surprised and the biggest fans of the game, finding it to be a strange mix of acting and bluffing. According to one non-gamer Parent Geek, “I feel like this is a card game, but with character’s… Continue reading

Te Kuiti Game Review

…the Shepherd player takes their turn and so on until there are 5 or fewer non-enclosed Sheep tiles remaining. At which time, any Sheep tiles flipped over remain face-up. The Sheep player can collect any matches as normal. After the last of the non-enclosed Sheep tiles have been revealed, the… Continue reading

Mortals: Descent of the Gods Game Review (prepublished version)

…because we don’t take it that seriously, but I expect the adults I am playing with to take the time to really help out. I don’t see that kind of commitment from the non-gamers, which ruined the game for me a bit.” Another non-gamer Parent Geek said, “The game starts… Continue reading

Paradise Fallen Game Review (prepublished version)

…what the endgame goal was and worked my way backwards. This proved to be a really good method of teaching the game and none of our players, except a few non-gamers had questions. The number one question I kept being asked was, “will I starve if I run out of… Continue reading

Vici Game Review

…the most popular with the Parent Geeks who were gamers with Child Geeks who also liked games and the non-gamers. Yes, that’s right, the non-gamers. According to one non-gamer Parent Geek, “This game makes total sense to me and I love how everything is so clearly organized. All I ever… Continue reading

The King’s Armory Game Review

…we would have liked, even when using the suggestions provided by the game rule book that specifically focuses on children (and non-gamers). The biggest hurdle the Child Geeks had was simply keeping track of what was going on in the field of battle, which is somewhat surprising since the turn… Continue reading