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Jungle Ascent Game Review (prepublished version)

…2 cards from the pile Player movement requires a bit of explanation as it can be confusing for little geeks and non-gamers. As already stated, a player’s Explorer pawn can only move orthogonally. Additionally, they can only ascend and traverse the cliff face by using ladders, walkways, and conveyor belts… Continue reading

Mars Needs Mechanics Game Review (prepublished version)

…metal Component card can be used to complete a set, but do not have any value. Meaning, if a scrap metal Component card is used to complete a set of 3 cards, the player would only collect Cogs for the two non-scrap metal Component cards. The newly acquired Cogs are… Continue reading

Dragon’s Bard Game Review (prepublished version)

…consider the core game mechanism of the card play is basic trumps. The final vote from them and all the child geeks we played the game with was exceedingly positive and enthusiastic. Parent Geeks were the same, and I have never seen non-gamers get so excited about a game with… Continue reading

The Great Fire of London 1666 Game Review

…card is drawn (will be face-up on the deck for all to see), the fire intensifies! Three additional Fire cones are added to any district (excluding Pudding Lane, which is a total lost cause) with a non-contained Fire cone, as long as the total number of Fire cones in that… Continue reading

Fantasy Frontier Game Review (prepublished version)

…the two Terrain tiles. From left to right: Plains, Forests, Mountains, and Water That’s it for game set up. Let the exploration and colonization begin! Fantasy Manifest Destiny Note: Fantasy Frontier is not an overly complicated game to grasp, but a non-gamer and inexperienced player is going to be a… Continue reading

NOVUS Game Review (prepublished version)

…time to rise and restore order at any cost. NOVUS, designed by Damien Lavizzo and to be published by Zenion Games, will reportedly be a non-collectible card game comprised of 4 preconstructed faction decks. Each deck will contain 52 cards. Two cards in every deck will be a faction specific… Continue reading

Te Kuiti Game Review

…player takes their turn and so on until there are 5 or fewer non-enclosed Sheep tiles remaining. At which time, any Sheep tiles flipped over remain face-up. The Sheep player can collect any matches as normal. After the last of the non-enclosed Sheep tiles have been revealed, the Shepherd player… Continue reading

The King’s Armory Game Review

…have liked, even when using the suggestions provided by the game rule book that specifically focuses on children (and non-gamers). The biggest hurdle the Child Geeks had was simply keeping track of what was going on in the field of battle, which is somewhat surprising since the turn order sequence… Continue reading

Archon: Glory and Machination Game Review

…who had played many games before, Archon was a game they quickly learned and were able to play without issue. The casual gamers had more trouble, due to the many options and lack of hints concerning what should be focused on. The non-gamers were scared stiff. According to one non-gamer… Continue reading