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Clubs Game Review

None Endorsements: Gamer Geek mixed! Parent Geek approved! Child Geek approved! Overview My parents told me to never step on others to elevate myself or to steal for personal gain. Ironically, that is exactly what you must do in card games. Especially climbing games, where you must out play your… Continue reading

Free the Box Game Review

The Basics: For ages 5 and up (publisher suggests 12+) For 2 to 4 players Approximately 45 minutes to complete Geek Skills: Counting & Math Logical & Critical Decision Making Reading Emotional Coping Skills Learning Curve: Child – Easy Adult – Easy Theme & Narrative: None Endorsements: Gamer Geek rejected!… Continue reading

Ruckus: The Goblin Army Game Review (prepublished version)

…to the game, but once they saw how much freedom they were given when building their army and the fun ways to chain card effects together, they were hooked. The more casual and non-gamer players were less thrilled about Ruckus, but nonetheless enjoyed themselves, too. According to a non-gamer Parent… Continue reading

Cargo: Dead in the Water Game Review (prepublished version)

…Parent Geeks were also delighted with the game. Even the non-gamers were enjoying themselves, finding the game play to be engaging and intuitive. According to one non-gamer Parent Geek, “I thought this game was going to be much more difficult with the market and collecting the right items to sell,… Continue reading

Battle for Supremacy: Heroes vs. Villains Game Review

…found Battle for Supremacy to be light but different enough to be judged on its own merits. When it was judged, it was very well received. While none of the Gamer Geeks enjoyed the artwork, they had a nothing negative to say about the game’s play. In fact, they very… Continue reading

Castle Dice Game Review (prepublished version)

…than they thought it should. Since the phase doesn’t end until all the players complete their action, each phase is only as fast as the slowest player. Non-gamers really enjoyed the game once I sat them down to play it. That, in itself, was a major victory. Non-gamers took one… Continue reading

Conundrum Game Review

The Basics: For ages 8 and up (publisher suggests 12+) For 3 to 8 players Variable game length Geek Skills: Active Listening & Communication Counting & Math Logical & Critical Decision Making Reading Pattern/Color Matching Hand/Resource Management Learning Curve: Child – Easy Adult – Easy Theme & Narrative: None Endorsements:… Continue reading

Paradise Fallen Game Review (prepublished version)

…the endgame goal was and worked my way backwards. This proved to be a really good method of teaching the game and none of our players, except a few non-gamers had questions. The number one question I kept being asked was, “will I starve if I run out of rations?”… Continue reading

Shuriken Game Review (prepublished version)

…large numbers of Ninja and their movement on the game board tiles very simple. In fact, when I put Shuriken in front of Gamer Geeks, it took only 2 minutes of game explanation, about 5 for the Parent Geeks (which included non-gamers), and a startling 10 minutes with the Child… Continue reading

Reversal of Fortune Game Review

…pockets, lad. Pockets I could fill with gold! Reversal of Fortune, by Wastex Games, is comprised of 52 Action cards, 52 Treasure cards, and 2 rule summary cards. The cards are of excellent quality and the illustrations are light and humorous. Despite the game being about nasty, cheating pirates, none… Continue reading

Monster Moos Game Review (prepublished version)

…That’s something a player as young as 5-years-old should be able to do with little issue. I predict the game will do very well with the Child and Parent Geeks. I think the game will also do very well with the non-gamers, as the game play is not terribly complex…. Continue reading