Bots Battleground Game Review (prepublished version)

For centuries, men and woman have competed in combative matches to determine who is stronger, faster, and smarter. This became very boring. Robots were introduced, and since there was no cause to be concerned with safety, so were weapons. Now Bots armed with blades and guns battle for our amusement and the human warriors continue their fight behind the soft glow of computer monitors. Continue reading

Steamcraft Game Review (prepublished version)

You have risen through the corporate ranks, stepped on the backs of the bruised, and compromised your own principles to obtain a high-ranking position in the company. Now the Board of Directors has called upon you, a Junior Vice President, to direct a new mining operation. Easy enough, but you soon learn that other companies have the same goal. Time to test your leadership, guile, and executive power. Continue reading

Looting Atlantis Game Review (prepublished version)

The island and the civilization of Atlantis is the stuff of myth and legend. It’s believed by some that Plato created Atlantis for use as a parable and there are those who believe that Atlantis was real. The ocean that supposedly swallowed it provides no clues, keeping this ancient civilization shrouded in mystery. In this game, you must escape Atlantis before it’s destroyed, but not before you loot a few momentous. Continue reading

The Captain Is Dead: Episode 2 – Adrift Game Expansion Review

The Captain Is Dead: Episode 2 – Adrift is the next chapter in the player’s epic journey to survive their trip home. The remaining crew was able to get the Jump Core “Online” (the thing that makes the spaceship go zoom) and put some distance between them and the hostile alien attack spaceships. Their troubles, however, are far from over. Continue reading

The Captain Is Dead Game Review

The Captain was always considered to be a bold and brave woman. She had won many battles and fought many a gruesome alien foe. When she died from choking on a pickle slice during lunch, she was just as surprised as her crew. It was the explosion that caused the Captain to inhale quickly and now the crew are scrambling to fix the problems and save the spaceship. They should put warning labels on those pickle jars… Continue reading

Mech Deck Game Review (prepublished version)

Wars have become too expensive and the resources necessary to maintain a standing army are dwindling. Warring countries now resolve their disputes by pitting very large and very dangerous robots against one another. The pilots who control these Mechs are both war heroes and celebrities. You are such a pilot and you have been called to defend your country’s honor. Continue reading

Res Publica: 2230 AD Game Review (prepublished version)

Stephen Jay Gould, an American paleontologist, evolutionary biologist, and historian of science said, “Evolution is a process of constant branching and expansion.” In this game, the players will be attempting to expand their influence across the universe through trade and aggressive tactical moves. Growth and evolution is necessary for the alien races to survive. The only alternative is extinction. Continue reading

Outsider Game Review (prepublished version)

Use of Dark Gravity allowed mankind to travel between the stars in seconds. But such freedom comes with a heavy price. Each shift in time and space removes a little bit of reality and replaces it with something else. Something sinister. The mind begins to unravel and it becomes impossible to tell who is a friend and who is a foe. Continue reading

Battle for Sularia Game Review (prepublished version)

Sularia was once a planet of beauty and majesty. The people who populated it lived in peace and prosperity, but that is the past. The vast gardens teaming with life are now dusty plains. The great cities that once reached to the heavens now lay in ruin. You would see your people rise above the death and decay. Gather your forces and battle to claim the precious resources necessary to bring the planet back to life, as your will decrees. Continue reading

NanoBot Battle Arena

The belief that “bigger is better” is held by many, but it’s not necessarily an accurate statement. Nanobots are small enough to travel through the human body next to red blood cells and have firepower equal to that of an M1A2 Abrams main battle tank (albeit on a smaller scale). Size, it turns out, is all relative. Continue reading

Earth Encounters Game Review (prepublished version)

Regardless of the counter-measures and fail-safes put in place, the MicroV has escaped. This deadly alien life form is invisible, intelligent, and will do anything to survive. Records show that a ship was stolen and is headed towards a remote planet in the Milky Way known as “Earth” by its inhabitants. You are being sent to find, capture, and return MicroV before it devours all life on Earth. But to do that, you will need the help of the earthlings. You must prove to them your superior intellect before they will take you seriously. Continue reading

Portholes Game Review

When the fully automated prison was opened, its governing AI was hailed as the greatest thing ever created. That was over 100 years ago. The AI, KAL 9000, is now old and slow. The prison population has been cut back to reduce the amount of demand on the AI, but it’s still being taxed. After it’s latest update, KAL 9000 divided by zero and decide that the most logical thing to do was to blow up the prison. As an inmate of LUNA-2, you have this one chance to get out before everything explodes. Continue reading