Influence Game Review (prepublished version)

The art of diplomacy and intrigue is only mastered by those who are truly devoted to the craft. Subtle is the brush that gently paints hints and suggestions into the minds of influential leaders. If done correctly, a single masterful stroke is worth a thousand soldiers and a well-timed flourish of words can bring down castle walls. It is a dangerous game full of lies and treachery, but the rewards are nothing short of the Keys to the Kingdom and worth the risk! Continue reading

Mayhem Mines Game Review (prepublished version)

Legends tell of a mine deep in the Dwarf Kingdom that is filled with great riches. An earthquake collapsed the mine entrance many years ago, but adventurers have never stopped looking for a way in. Then, no less than a week ago, the mountains rumbled and a long-lost path into the mine was revealed! As quick as you can, grab your gear and make your way into the darkness! There’s gold to grab and much, much danger to avoid. Continue reading

Pint Craft Game Review (prepublished version)

Micro breweries are all the rage, and after trying your hand at making a few of your own craft brews, you’ve decided to create your own business. But making beer for yourself to enjoy is one thing and creating a brewing company is something altogether different. To be successful, you must craft beers using the best ingredients available, come up with new and interesting recipes, and then sell your product. In the end, it won’t matter how good your craft beers are if no one is drinking them. Continue reading

Boss Monster: Master of the Dungeon Game Review (prepublished version)

You have risen through the ranks, paid your dues, attended all the mandatory training meetings, and even did “extra work” for some of your superiors. Finally, you get the call. You are being given an opportunity to prove your worth as a Boss Monster. As quick as you can, you must create a dungeon to lure in heroes, collect their souls, and make sure your peers do not do better than you. After all, there can be only one final Boss Monster and the competition is downright fierce. Continue reading

Gnomes: The Great Sweeping of Ammowan Storytelling Game Review (prepublished version)

You wouldn’t know it just by looking, but your backyard is home to magic and adventure. Gnomes, small caring creatures who exist in harmony with the world around them, live secretly between your flower pots, trees, and yard furniture. All is well for the Gnomes until the time of the Great Sweeping approaches. The Trolls are hunting for the Gnomes and need your little geek’s help to stay undetected! The adventure begins with a note and a desperate plea for help. Now it is up to the little geeks to save the day! Continue reading

Castle Dice Game Review (prepublished version)

The old king summoned his children before him and looked them over, one by one. They were all strong, noble, and carried themselves as true Princes and Princesses of the Realm. But which among them would be the best to lead the people, manage the kingdom’s precious resources, and protect the population from the barbarian savages? The old king thought and thought and then smiled. He would send his children to different corners of the kingdom, and there, be tasked to raise a castle of their own. Whomever did so to the standards of the king after 7 years would be given the throne. Continue reading

Corporate America Game Review (prepublished version)

It used to be a dog-eat-dog world. Now dogs are out of the picture and giant corporations dominate the top of the food chain. These huge, international companies only focus on two things: making money and influencing others to make more money. It’s all about maximizing profits and to do that you need to get governments to see things “your way”. Make good business deals, befriend politicians, and change the rules of the game so you will always win. Welcome to Corporate America, the land of the bought and sold. Continue reading

Dungeon Heroes Game Review (prepublished version)

Stop me if you have heard this one. A Warrior, a Wizard, a Rogue, and a Cleric walk into a dungeon to get some loot. They find some monsters, beat them up, steal their treasure, and do their best to survive. Now here’s the punchline. An epic adventure of dungeon exploration can be had in less time than it takes you to eat your lunch, pay your bill, and regret eating that 12″ sub with extra bacon. All the components for a quick dungeon crawl, complete with exploration and danger, are here and ready for two players who want to do something constructive while they digest their meal. Continue reading

Do You Know Your Neighbors? Game Review (prepublished version)

While the neighborhood street might look calm and serene, there is trouble brewing behind locked doors and pulled blinds. Gossip, manipulation, and dirty politics are about to explode onto the quiet streets and change the lives of everyone from one end of the block to the other. In order to control the neighborhood you must first control the neighbors. Find out what motivates them and then use it to your advantage. The King or Queen of the Block will be the best player who can trick the others into thinking they are harmless. When the dust settles, all the houses will still be standing, but the dynamics of the community will be changed forever. Continue reading

Psight Game Review (prepublished version)

The Seer looked through time and space, the past and future, to see what would become of us all. There, in the mind’s eye of the Seer, a great war was observed. This was our fate and nothing we could do would change it, but there was much we could do to prepare. Searching the globe for talented individuals with the gift to use their mind like a weapon, the Seer gathered psychics to train to one day be guardians. The war was generations away, but there was no time to lose. Training must begin immediately to strengthen and protect us all from the darkness that was coming. Continue reading

Specimen Game Review (prepublished version)

Everything was going by the book. All the safety measures were in place, systems were checked and double checked again, and the crew members of the deep space freighter T.C.S Brown were sleeping safely in hibernation on their way back to Earth. Then the unthinkable happened. Something collided with the ship. The emergency systems immediately came online and started reviving the crew. When the crew emerged from hibernation, they found that the damage could be fixed without much effort, but that wasn’t the issue. Something was released when the ship was struck and was now hunting them down, one by one. Continue reading

Viticulture Game Review (prepublished version)

Ah, Tuscany. Considered by many the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance where great thinkers and artists would gather. Its landscapes are the subject of countless paintings, poems, and dreams. It is here you find yourself with a dream of your own and a strong desire to make it a reality. With just a little bit of money, dedication, and a head for business, you will work to make your mark. Leveraging the cycles of nature to grow the prefect grape and make the greatest wine, you open your winery doors in hopes that Tuscany will prove to be all that you had dreamed it would be. Continue reading