Chopstick Dexterity Mega Challenge 3000 Game Review

Experts from all over the world have come to demonstrate their skill. They have trained and dedicated their lives to master their art. Now these chopstick colossi face each other to prove they are the best of the best. Man and woman, adult and child will all have an opportunity to show the world they are a true champion as they compete to win the Chopstick Dexterity Mega Challenge 3000! Continue reading

Sushi Go! Game Review

Sushi has been referred to as “art” and “dead uncooked fish on rice”. It’s both, if the truth be told. Some visibly turn green when asked if they would like a bite and others just cannot eat enough. Regardless of which extreme you tend to lean towards, sushi is best in moderation. Pick your pieces with thoughtful consideration and take the time to enjoy each bite. Then, devour the pudding! Continue reading

Barbecue Game Review

Grilling is an art form. One must prepare the meat, the grill, and oneself before lighting the fire and grabbing the grill tongs. Ever since the day Neanderthals figured out that meat tasted better when dropped in the fire, humanity has gathered around open flame to watch grease pop, meat sizzle, and vegetables roast. The grill has become something of a social oasis that we gather around, share ideas, and breath in the smells of the meal that is being prepared. It’s also stressful as hell. Cook your meat wrong and you’re going to be ordering pizza. In this game, you have to step up to the grill and face the heat or get burned. Continue reading

Alfredo’s Food Fight Game Review

In this game, players get to participate in a food fight with Chef Alfredo caught in the middle! The first player to successfully fling and stick all their meatballs to the spinning Chef Alfredo, wins! This game is a nice filler that has an easy learning curve, making it accessible to just about everyone. Fast and fun for the little geeks and enjoyable for big geeks, too! Continue reading