A Fistful of Penguins Game Review

You’ve got the land, built the cages and pens, and are ready to open your zoo! One problem, though, you have no animals! No worries, you can go out and capture the animals you need to fill your zoo. Oh, but there’s the type of animals to think about. You can’t just go putting lions next to kangaroos or fill an entire section of your zoo with moose, after all! Jeepers, owning a zoo is work! No time to think about your career choices now! Go grab your net and start bagging critters! Continue reading

Zooloretto Mini Game Review

Zooloretto Mini, by game designer Michael Schacht, is a tile placement game that tasks the players to organize and fill their zoo intelligently and to manage a certain amount of risk at the same time. Challenging and rewarding without being heavy or difficult, Zooloretto Mini will be a fun game to play at your family table with little geeks, friends, and gamer elitists. Plus, baby animals! Continue reading

Penguin Soccer Game Review

The game of soccer is celebrated, played, and followed just about everywhere in the world. It should then come as no surprise that a family of Penguins also enjoy playing the game! Instead of a field, they have a patch of ice, but that hardly makes any difference. The game is still the same and is just as challenging, if not more so. Now you can play the game with them and use all your strategic and tactical skills to score a goal! Careful! One wrong slip on the ice and you could find yourself losing the game! Continue reading

Fauna Game Review

Test your wits and your knowledge of animals that fly, run, leap, swim, and burrow by guessing where they live. Don’t know exactly? No worries, because being “close” is still “good enough”. It’s a really, really big world full of amazing creatures and you are about to learn all about them! But this is not just any educational game! You must bid, bluff, outmaneuver, and out guess the other players before they do the same to you! Continue reading

Zoologic Game Review

Animals, animals everywhere, and you are the lucky one who needs to keep them all in order! All the animals will behave if they get the right food and are placed next to another friendly animal, but chaos will ensue quickly if they don’t get their way! Making it even more complicated are ants who want to eat the animals food and a raging bull who simply will not get along with anyone. It’s a tough job being an animal keeper and even tougher to keep all the animals happy! Continue reading

Frank’s Zoo Game Review

Cards with animal cartoons, surely this is nothing more than a re-themed Snap or Happy Families. Or … could there be more to this game than meets the eye? In fact, Frank’s Zoo (a Rio Grande Games title from the last century … er, 1999) is a ladder-climbing game that deserves to be recognized as Tichu for Kids. Continue reading

Animal Mastermind Towers Game Review

Animal Mastermind Towers is a child-friendly version of the classic logical deduction game, Mastermind, but with much easier rules and game play that allows for two people to play simultaneously as the puzzle creator and the puzzle solver. Continue reading