Animal Mastermind Towers Game Review

Animal Mastermind Towers is a child-friendly version of the classic logical deduction game, Mastermind, but with much easier rules and game play that allows for two people to play simultaneously as the puzzle creator and the puzzle solver. Continue reading

Wii Party Video Game Review

This is one of the few Wii games my whole family enjoys. The variety of mini-games and the mercifulness of the main games were intentionally and successfully designed with families in mind. Where other party-style games lost their charm in the first several minutes, Wii Party just seems to get it right. Continue reading

Dead Man’s Treasure Game Review

Dead Man’s Treasure is an area majority card game, with a pasted-on theme of pirates competing for buried treasure. While the game has no randomness in the form of die rolls or the like, strategic play is less influential than good fortune in determining the winner. This is a fun light filler and I am sure it will return to the table often. Continue reading

Mow ‘Em Down Game Review

In Mow ‘Em Down, each player takes on the role of a entrepreneur who owns a small but potentially very successful landscaping business. There are many opportunities available, but there are other “go getters” who are also looking to take advantage of the city’s growing need for landscaping. The players will need logical and critical decision making skills at the ready and a shrewed sense of business to be competitive! Continue reading

Non-Trivial Quest Game Review

In Non-Trivial Quest, the players are tasked with a very simple objective: answer the questions correctly. While this is to be expected from any trivia game, what makes it unique is that the game was specifically designed to focus non-trivial questions. It is always refreshing to find a game that not only entertains and challenges, but also educates at the same time. This game might very well make you feel like a big dummy, too, but you can blame that on your parents and MTV. Continue reading

LEGO Minotaurus Game Review

In Minotaurus, each player controls three “heroes” who must race to make it to the center of the labyrinth where a secret temple awaits and is their only means of escape! But the dreaded Minotaur also lives in this labyrinth and wants to do nothing more than hunt down the heroes and scare them away! It’s a race to the finish line with a monster hot on the player’s heels! Continue reading

Transformers: Robot Heroes Game Game Review

In this game, one player will take on the role of the brave Autobot leader, Optimus Prime, and the other the evil Decepticon leader, Megatron. The players must time their attacks wisely and only press into battle when they believe their enemy is at his weakest, or they are at their strongest. Failure to do so will mean taking damage and loosing the upper hand, quickly. The game balance is a perfect 50/50 split between fun and learning, tactics and strategy, risk and reward! Continue reading