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Non-Trivial Quest Game Review

…Child geek rejected! Overview In NonTrivial Quest, the players are tasked with a very simple objective: answer the questions correctly. While this is to be expected from any trivia game, what makes it unique is that the game was specifically designed to focus nontrivial questions. To put it another way,… Continue reading

Pocket Adventures Card System (Set II) Review

…small set of hero Abilities that are unique to the class. Aptitudes There are 6 Aptitudes in total for the Heroes (and Foes). Three are specific to combat and the other 3 are focused more on non-combat Aptitude attributes. However, there is nothing stopping the Dungeon Master from using any of… Continue reading

A Story of Game Design From A Game Designer

…went from a simple idea to a fully realized self-published product. His words provide us non-game designer types a brief glimpse of the work and dedication it takes to make a game. What is “nontrivial”? That is the question everyone asks me when I tell them about my new Non-Trival… Continue reading

Forged in Steel Game Review (prepublished version)

…of non-special buildings that are removed from the game starting with the Riot Target. All non-special buildings that are removed must be orthogonally adjacent to the previously destroyed non-special building. Non-special buildings include Houses, Factories, and Commercial buildings. No one in their right mind would destroy a Hospital. When the… Continue reading

TIN Game Review

…Basics: For ages 12 and up For 1 to 4 players About 45 minutes to complete Geek Skills: Active Listening & Communication Counting & Math Reading Learning Curve: Child – Easy Adult – Easy Theme & Narrative: None Endorsements: Gamer Geek rejected! Parent Geek approved! Child Geek rejected! Overview What… Continue reading

Morphology Game Review

…Play Imagination Reflex & Speed Learning Curve: Child – Easy Adult – Easy Theme & Narrative: None Endorsements: Gamer Geek rejected! Parent Geek approved! Child Geek approved! Overview In Morphology, teams must work together to guess what an object or idea is via creative representation through bits of string, beads,… Continue reading

Mage Wars: Conquest of Kumanjaro Game Expansion Review

…opponent’s wounded non-Mage creature. Once marked, any of the player’s creatures gain a Melee +1 bonus when attacking the marked for death wounded creature. Once the marked wounded creature is removed from the game or fully healed, the Wounded Prey token is removed and can be placed on another non-Mage… Continue reading

Revolution! Game Review

…game for anyone younger than the recommended age range. Your results will vary. Parent Geeks greatly enjoyed the game and even the non-gamers were enjoying themselves, but hardly dominating. The game is light enough to be accessible for even the most non-gamer of non-gamers. In some respects, I could easily… Continue reading

Famous Zombies Game Review (prepublished version)

…there are living people. Nevertheless, fight on you must. To do so, a player selects a Weapon card from their hand and discards it. There are two types of weapons. There are lethal (those that drop a zombie and make sure they never get up again) and non-lethal (which will… Continue reading

Among the Stars Game Review (prepublished version)

…Parent Geeks who were also Gamer Geeks enjoyed it immensely and wanted more. None of the non-gamers showed the game much thought. I interpreted their lack of interest as fear. Gamer Geeks? They loved it. The calm before the storm…My little geeks looks through the cards to familiarize himself with… Continue reading

Nanuk Game Review

…hunt fails automatically. Rewards After the hunt has ended, one of the two groups will be awarded based on their bravery or skepticism. If the hunters succeeded, all the cards drawn, including those cards under the Doom tokens, are put into a single pile. All the hunters (none of the… Continue reading

Dungeon Heroes Game Review (prepublished version)

…the game is very easy to teach and should be accessible to your most nonnonnon-gamer friends, although they might not appreciate (or even understand) the game’s theme. Best of all, the game is fast, sets up, and breaks down quickly. You won’t have any problem finding the space or the… Continue reading