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Non-Trivial Quest Game Review

In Non-Trivial Quest, the players are tasked with a very simple objective: answer the questions correctly. While this is to be expected from any trivia game, what makes it unique is that the game was specifically designed to focus non-trivial questions. It is always refreshing to find a game that not only entertains and challenges, but also educates at the same time. This game might very well make you feel like a big dummy, too, but you can blame that on your parents and MTV. Continue reading

A Story of Game Design From A Game Designer

Being a game designer is very much like being an architect and an artist at the same time. Game designers must split their focus between form and function to achieve a final product that is both pleasing to the eye and fun to play. Doug Arduini, the designer of the trivia game, Non-Trival Quest, recently sent us a brief summary of how his game came to life and went from a simple idea to a fully realized self-published product. Continue reading